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Why use us?
Steps to Delivery
Linking with Lecky

Note: Lecky Shipping only trades in bulk. We regret that we are unable to respond to requests for the retail purchase of single items.

Using Lecky Shipping as your procurement agent brings many advantages. Our language skills and willingness to work extended hours allow us to deal directly with manufacturers in their time zone. This adds true conversation to email communications, which builds better relationships and secures better deals.


You can confidently replace the middle men you currently use with Lecky Shipping's services, reducing your hassle, reducing your costs and increasing your profits! We have very low overheads since we have no warehousing costs, working strictly on a pre-order basis.


Our suppliers are often OEM manufacturers who sell under their own brand domestically, but have not previously exported. We believe that the retail customer has become less concerned about brand, with price, product specification and build quality being of more interest.


We will supply full product specification at the selection stage. Occasionally, samples may also be available for your inspection.

When you join our mailing list, we will give you advance notice of new bulk sales items and their volume price points.


Since the best discounts come with high volume orders, we can sometimes help you to make even greater savings by brokering the formation of trading blocks. This is achieved by inviting a number of our customers to split a big shipment on agreed terms.


We regularly source the following products:


  • CCTV cameras

  • Intercom systems

  • Laptop computers

  • TVs

  • Mobile phones


In addition to the above, we can pass on the special deals which our trading partners occasionally bring to us in kitchenware and furniture.


Please use our contact form to request email updates or to ask us to source a specific product.

  1. Select a product from our emailed list or make a sourcing request, based on your target price.

  2. Instruct us as to your minimum and maximum volume, which we will use to negotiate the best possible deal. You can then review the options that we have been able to establish, including delivery timescale.

  3. Commit to ordering by advancing finance for the goods and shipping. We will then place the order and arrange shipping directly to your business premises.


We bring shipments in from the Asia-Pacific region, on behalf of customers in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Shipping times vary, but will usually take between 6 and 10 weeks.

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